Finding a Florist You Love
(And Who Loves You Back)

What do you think are the two most common factors for choosing a florist? Referrals and location, right? But while these are important aspects to consider when planning a wedding or other event, don’t make the mistake of basing your decision solely on them! For events in your life, from big to small, be certain that you have confidence in the designer of your florals.

The flower shop closest to your venue may be able to get there in five minutes, but that doesn’t mean their flowers will be top quality. And your mother-in-law may want an exclusive name to impress her friends, but why let her visions of cascading orchids trump your dream of buckets of wildflowers?

So what’s the most important factor? Communication! Don’t you just want someone you can talk to?  Sure, they should have good reviews and a strong track record in the style you like. But after that, pick a florist who “gets” you!   
"Barbara spent a considerable amount of time with us during our first meeting. We reviewed the questionnaire she had asked us to fill out and made notes about what flowers we needed to avoid (lavender gives me a headache) and which we were really drawn to (herbs turned out to be a really great addition). If you're having a rustic chic wedding I highly recommend working with Derby Farm - although I'm sure they'd also do a great job with traditional arrangements too because they really listen to their clients."
That personal fit will be worth every extra minute or dollar you might spend and will most likely save you time and money in the long run. Then get the first meeting off on the right foot by coming prepared:
  • Bring pictures of flowers you like, as well as swatches or pictures of preferred colors, fabrics, or decorations being used. 
  • Think about your overall vision. Will it be rustic and fun? Vintage and cool? Modern and sophisticated?