Truffle on Down!

I thought it would be fitting to post this before you're all stuffed along with your birds—Ned's making truffles again! Come by this weekend and we'll have those delicious morsels out. We're pretty good at passing them over little heads, but some kidlings have high-powered chocolate sensors. Of course we're delighted to share with them...


  1. nancymonson@earthlink.netNovember 22, 2008 at 8:45 AM

    Hi Barb,

    Congratulations on starting a blog--great idea!

    I've got lots of gardening questions for you. Since we're heading into winter, what are your tips for keeping cut flowers fresh? I've heard putting a splash of vodka into the water helps, along with aspirin. True? Any other suggestions?

  2. Hi Nancy!

    I'll write a longer post later, but the gist of it is: To prevent bacterial growth which shortens the life of cut flowers, change the water every day or two and cut the steps with a sharp non-serrated knife or a scissor (at an angle). Be sure that the vase is clean to begin with! Also, keep the flowers in a coolish place, away from a hot sunny window, or a heater.

  3. Hi Barbara!

    I'm excited to see you blogging!




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