Red Red Roses

There was a long period when I wouldn't go near them—except when kow-towing to Valentine's Day mandates. I thought they were boring, over-used, too common. I'm not sure when exactly I changed my mind, but boy did I do a 180! Right about now, when my fingers are chilled, and the afternoon light fades before afternoon is really over, I truly appreciate the velvety lushness of a deep red rose especially combined with red or orange french ranunculus and a touch of chartreuse buplurem or lady's mantle. In a bowl overflowing on my coffee table they become my floral fireplace, warm and cozy and familiar in a comforting way.

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  1. I may not be sold on red roses, but I am sold on many of the other interesting and long lasting flowers that Derby Farms has and the beautiful arrangements that they have made for me for thanksgiving, Christmas and other occasions.


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