A New York Moment

A chilly NYC evening last January, Claudia, Sonia and I were desperately searching between snowbanks for Good Warm Food when were distracted (yes, it happens easily, I know) by a lovely store window filled with lush arrangements, gorgeous pillows and elegantly funky furnishings. We had found Prudence Designs; we were happy.

Warmly welcomed by the shop's owner, Grayson Handy, we talked flowers, design and food. Soon Grayson was making room for us at the yummy bistro next door and we were well into the perfect New York Evening!

Our long-lasting reminder of that magical night is Grayson's gorgeous book, Flowers for the Home which we're carrying at Derby Farm. I promised Grayson I would order it, and was so glad when it arrived last week! When you come by, pick up a copy to put on your nightstand for inspiration, it'll make you feel flowery all over. Just don't take my copy.

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