Thanks for the Flowers

Celebrating loved ones with Thanksgiving flowers is one of my favorite times; remembering that in our all-too-hectic lives, we have few opportunities to enjoy a leisurely meal surrounded by beloved friends and family. We often use kale, artichoke, mini pumpkins, rosemary, and seasonal berries in our centerpieces to reflect the harvest notes of a Thanksgiving table.

This lush mantel arrangement is actually from a fall wedding last year, but the colors are similar to ones we love to use this time of year—dusky purples, soft greens, highlighted with sparkly orange and magenta hues. A long and low arrangement like this can easily move from table to mantel and back again. 

 I have a soft spot for these tiny arrangements in twig baskets which can be put just about anywhere. They are surprisingly complex, with just a few flowers, some leaves, berries and twigs, almost like little fairy houses for the table.

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