Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Flowers!

Just because the stores are full of brightly colored mums doesn't mean that you need to follow suit. Break out and try some new cool-weather combos! 

Ornamental kale, a tried and true container plant, is a great textural element in a planter or a bouquet, providing structure. Look for kale with a deeper color, or ruffled leaves, to add interest. With the cooler weather you can still use herbs, too. Rosemary’s tall needle leaves lend an elegant stature that contrasts well with the leathery leaves of yellow/green variegated sage. Pansies are another fall favorite: the purple tones work beautifully with oranges and reds. Look for other plants that say autumn: purple annual grasses, ornamental peppers (or culinary ones if you are willing to harvest them!), and hardy sedums all blend in beautifully. Celebrate the season by making the most of all it has to offer!

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