Rain, Snow, Sleet & Slurp

That's the weather report for today. Just back from the big Gift Show in New York where Sue and I examined hundreds of booths lining miles of aisles under a bright florescent sky (promising ourselves to accessorize with pedometers next year).

It's a crowded, somewhat chaotic, place—vendors from all over the world selling everything from glittery swan sculptures encrusted in quartzite and semi-precious minerals to alma mater-themed wreaths.

The show put green on its agenda, showcasing products made or re-made with the health of the planet in mind. While nearly everyone attempted to jump on the recycling bin and promote their product's environmentally sensitive bona fides, I was delighted to find that labeling has improved, and that "green" products are becoming more affordable and better looking.

Since I have to get out and shovel the ice off the sidewalk, I'll save the news of our new purchases for a future post. A tickler—we found a lovely new body care line made with olives organically grown on a California farm. Can't wait for them to arrive!

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