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McEvoy Ranch/80 Acres
We’ve been looking for a new body care line, but we’re picky so it took a while to find it. Gentle, smooth, and clean-smelling, 80 Acres was an exciting find! Made in California, 80 Acres’ is an offshoot of McEvoy Ranch, a 550 acre farm iwhich produces Tuscan style olive oil from it’s organically grown olives.

This past year McEvoy Ranch introduced their estate produced body care line, 80 Acres. They’ve developed a scent they call Verde, which has a fresh and clean fragrance, the kind of grassy smell we associate with spring days. We’ve tried these products and love them, and are eager for you to try them as well. Here are descriptions from 80 Acres:
Verde Hand and Body Wash
A blending olive oil and olive fruit extract, aloe vera, and a powerful medley of healing herbs and botanicals make this restorative infusion beneficial for hands or body. Richly hydrating so moisture stays in, leaving skin soft and dewy.
Verde Hand & Body Lotion
Nature meets nurture with this emollient and healing blend of olive, sunflower, jojoba and grapeseed oils infused with aloe vera, chamomile and lavender. Lightly scented and luxurious, the lotion penetrates quickly to smooth, soften and revitalize.
Verde Body Balm
Created by McEvoy’s gardeners for soothing, moisturizing and protecting skin from the elements, this estate-produced body balm is handcrafted with 87% organic ingredients.
Verde Olive Oil Soap
Handcrafted from the purest botanical ingredients, this luxurious cleansing bar deeply moisturizes with a rich lather and all the benefits of olive oil and refreshes with their signature Verde scent.

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